Tropical islands without the mass tourism hotels is what Mozambique is most famous for. With over 2500 kms of Indian Ocean Coastline, and many archipelagos, private islands and protected marine reserves, this destination is ideal for those wanting to ” wash off the safari dust” for some rest and relaxation, in beautiful small island resorts with a handful of chalets or villas within spitting distance of the ocean. Snorkelling, scuba, sunset cruises, marlin fishing and seafood feasts are the order of the day.


Africa’s premier beach destination.
Ample coral reefs along the coastline make Mozambique a mecca for scuba diving and snorkelling.
Game-fishing—especially for marlin, sailfish, and bonefish—is popular here.
The ever-popular Bazaruto Archipelago has something for everyone.
The Quirimbas Archipelago consists of over 30 coral reef islands scattered across 400 kilometres.

Unspoiled, undeveloped, and untamed, Mozambique is fast-emerging on the international tourism circuit with its wild beauty and exotic influences. Some 1,500 miles of rugged, creamy coastline are met by world-class coral reefs, primed for swimming, snorkelling, and sunset sailing. True African culture immerses all the senses in the Art Deco-inspired capital, Maputo. Luxury-lusters will delight in the string of exclusive private islands, where white-hot sands seemingly melt into the translucent Indian Ocean.


Mozambique has a tropical climate all year round. The rainy season is found in the summer months from November to February. During this time it is extremely hot and humid, rainstorms are welcomed as the cool wind blows over and the rain brings a sense of tranquillity cooling the earth. During the dry season which runs over the winter months from May to August the temperature is cooler then summer yet still warm and humid. It is a very comfortable climate offering an awesome climate to unwind of your journey and reflect on the amazing experience had. The ocean is crystal clear as there is no rainfall and often long period swells run up the coast from South Africa offering world class waves to surf on. Fishing is one of the major attractions to Mozambique and an exhilarating experience with the opportunity to catch a world class game fish. When not relaxing it is a great way to spend the day out and enjoy the beautiful ocean – this is best from May through to January.


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