The Kingdom In The Sky

Lesotho is a high-altitude, landlocked mountain kingdom surrounded by South Africa, known for its amazing mountain peaks and breath-taking nature and adventure. It is also known as the Kingdom in the Sky because of its lofty altitude. It has the highest lowest point of any country in the world (1400m) and is the only country to be entirely above 1000m! It is a fantastic adventure holiday destination. If you want to see the uninhibited nature and serene mountain views, then Lesotho is a place for you.


Lesotho is a Mountain Kindom known for its vast mountain landscape and uninhibited nature.
The unique culture of Lesotho and their ways of living in such high altitudes.
Basotho people are amongst the nicest and most friendliest in the world. Every person you pass will greet you with a smile.
Majestic waterfalls, scenery and nature reserves.
Lesotho offers an abundance of adventure from hiking, horseriding, skiing, 4x4ing, abseling to the Maluti Beer in the highest pub in Africa.

Known for its vast mountain landscape, Lesotho’s lowest point ( 1400m) is the highest, lowest point in the world. It is landlocked entirely by South Africa. Lesotho’s culture stems from the Basotho. Its main language is Sesotho  and is spoken by the vast majority of the population. The Basotho hat symbolises the mountain kingdom whilst the Basotho blanket signifies rich cultural heritage which is depicted by the different colours and patterns. Both these items are worn proudly and daily by the Basotho people. One cannot drive through Lesotho without seeing a Basotho pony, known for negotiating the steep mountains and for transporting food and water to and from. Basotho people are amongst the nicest and friendliest in the world. Every person you pass will greet you with a smile. Due to its mountainous landscape, Lesotho has ideal hiking and horse-riding trails to those adventurous. Lesotho also boasts the longest commercially operated single drop abseil in the world for those that are daring. During winter, one can take up skiing. You can also enjoy a Maluti beer at the highest pub in Africa. Experience the 4×4 trails of Sani Pass, Majestic waterfalls and scenery and visit Lesotho’s nature reserves – Bokong Nature Reserve and Ts’ehlanyane National Park.


Lesotho has a temperate climate, with hot summers and cold winters. Maseru and its surrounding lowlands often reach 30 °C (86 °F) in the summer. Winters can be cold with the lowlands getting down to −7 °C (19.4 °F) and the highlands to −20 °C (−4.0 °F) at times.


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