The Gem of Africa

With its rolling savanna plains and scorched deserts interspersed with snow-capped mountains, cool highlands and equatorial forests, Kenya’s diversity has helped to establish the country as a long-standing, prime safari destination. The scenic coastline, with its atmosphere of a paradise island and sprinkling of vibrant coral reefs, only adds to the spectacular list of reasons to visit this country. The highland areas of Central Kenya – including the Laikipia Plateau – provide fertile ground for farming, making Kenya one of the most agriculturally productive countries in Africa; this area is considered the fertile breadbasket of the Kenyan people. Four rivers, of which one is perennial, flow through the area making for an even more compelling locale for animals and people alike.


Home to the annual Great Migration
Excellent game-viewing opportunities and a true African safari
Diverse landscape offers visitors the opportunity to safari, hike, visit the city, or enjoy its tropical coastline
Shares Lake Victoria with Uganda and Tanzania, the largest African and tropical lake in the world
Lake Nakuru, part of the Rift Valley soda lakes, attracts hundreds of flamingos to its fertile waters

Kenya is the original home of the safari. Today, the wildlife is still superb, including the world-famous migrations of wildebeest and zebra that roam through the Maasai Mara in the latter half of each year. Viewings of the migrations, particularly river-crossings, are truly extraordinary, as such large numbers of prey species attract predators and result in jaw-dropping scenes. The numbers of visitors to these natural wonders remain high, and timing is crucial in order to enjoy the full potential of such an occasion.


The climate of Kenya varies by location, from mostly cool every day, to always warm/hot. The climate along the coast is tropical. This means rainfall and temperatures are higher throughout the year. At the coastal cities (Mombasa,Lamu,Malindi), the air changes from cool to hot, almost every day.


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